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As a certified crisis counsellor for women victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse, I am passionately involved in delivering talks disseminate information and spread awareness. From Bahrain to Kuwait, I have led seminars on topics related to crisis response services, the damaging effects of women portrayed in the media, gender-based violence, feminism and how we can all be advocates, whether we are trained or not.


Every year Shamsaha (formerly Women's Crisis Care International) recruits new advocates to provide 24-hour violence crisis response. On a number of occasions, I have led sections of the 4-day training process including the dynamics of domestic and sexual violence, society’s ousting of victims and why feminism isn’t a dirty concept.


Along with Mary-Justine Todd, the CEO and founder of Shamsaha, I co-led a 10-day workshop to local activists and theatre students in Kuwait City under the patronage of Abolish 153, an organisation that seeks to abolish article 153 in Kuwait’s penal code on honour killings. The aim was to raise awareness on gender-based violence and use drama as a medium for productive cultural messaging.